French Provincial Arm Chair ACH-041-BL

One of our luxury collection arm chair, a majestic in white. Strong sustaining frame from kiln dried mahogany definitely will make this chair durable. With high back-chair and comfortable back pad, these chairs are perfect. and suitable using it to lounge. Place it in any space of your room, and order us to finish it with right upholstery that match with your room.

French Provincial Arm Chair ACH-040-WH

This vintage chair is made from premium quality foam and upholstery, which makes it both cozy and comfortable. The frame of this chair came from kiln mahogany wood. It is upholstered in elegant soft velvet to maintain fabric that has a long-lasting appeal. The round arms of the chair make it comfortable for you to rest your hands on it.

French Provincial Arm Chair ACH-040-RT

By looking this Bergere armchair, you'll know that it must be comfortable to sit on it. As you see the thick seat here is made from fine foam and white velvet upholstery. And to sustain the comfort, we use selected kiln dried mahogany wood for its construction. Choose this beautiful elegant armchair to decorate your room, and get bring classy athmosphere to your home.

French Provincial Arm Chair ACH - 039

A classic style of berger arm chair with simple carving, finished using black color. We use finest leather upholstery. Clas sic and antique impression atmosphere brought to your room by this chair. Our Jepara Carpenter constructed this steady chair using mahogany wood.

French Provincial Arm Chair ACH - 038

This arm chair has simple design but still present a classic old style. It has back-chair covered with rattan. Being made from kiln dried mahogany, this elegant arm chair would be an excellent addition to your home. Artfully upholstered in purple, it will be suitable for any room of your homes as unique decoration.

French Provincial Arm Chair ACH-037-SV

Add this majestic arm chair to you home. Using light brown velvet upholstery and well constructed with mahogany wood. Stately on its own, you can add this item to a table for a cozy place to lounge with your guess. With the sparkling silver color, this chair combines nicely with many different styles and furnishings. You are welcome to choose any kind of fabric upholstery and finishing color.

French Provincial Arm Chair ACH-037-IV

A verry classy chair, Artfully upholstered in vintage velvet, it will be suitable for living room of your home as unique decoration. It has beautiful floral carving in the edge of back arm chair, totaly being carved carefully by jepara well talented carpenter. In addition, to make this arm chair so cozy, we cushioned with finest quality foam.

French Provincial Arm Chair ACH-037-GL

It is the classic arm chair that provides style and elegance to any of your room. Its sturdy mahogany wood construction and soft fabric will have anyone sitting in luxury. With multiple option of beautiful colors of fabric we provide to choose from, you will find one that suits your home. The majestic carving was made carefully, it enriched royal value to this chair.

French Provincial Arm Chair ACH - 036

This arm chair is right choice if you want to decorate your room with classic and shabby chic style. Being upholstered with line pattern vintage velvet and the frame is painted in silver, definitely this shabby arm chair shows a classic and old style. The frame was made from kiln dried mahogany to make it durable and sustain well.

French Provincial Arm Chair ACH - 035

A luxurious accent is brought by this bergere chair. Being upholstered with finest leather upholstery, this arm chair definitely elegant. The color of leather looks suit with natural color of the wood. Bring this royal classic arm chair to your house, it will add a royal classic style to your room.

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